MicroGripTM Anti-Skid Floor System

The MicroGuard®/MicroGrip™Anti-Skid Floor System is designed to reduce the potential for slipping hazards in:

  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food Service Lines
  • Automotive Repair Bays
  • Handicap Ramps
  • Public Walkways & Stairs
  • And Many More Areas

MicroGuard®/MicroGrip™ outperforms other competitive anti-skid floor systems, is competitively priced and may be applied to many rigid floor surfaces in commercial, industrial or residential environments.

MicroGrip™ Anti-Skid Media, combined with MicroGuard®clear siloxane floor treatments, deliver increased traction, chemical and abrasion resistance properties to concrete, hard tile, terrazzo and quarry tile floors.  This system will not support mold growth and is easier to clean and maintain.  Because the system is clear, it maintains floor color without sacrificing traction properties.

Adsil’s patented clear siloxane treatments extend the performance life of the surface, while also reducing cleaning & maintenance costs.  This Anti-Skid system is easy to install and accommodates busy operating or construction schedules.

  • Reduces Slip and Fall Risks
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Maintains Floor Color
  • Highly Resistant to Chemicals
  • Impervious to Standing Water


Anti-Graffiti Mitigation

Extreme Performance Treatment

MicroGuard AD00 Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment provides a non-sacrificial barrier of protection for many bare or previously painted surfaces where graffiti tagging is a problem. The hydrophobic, naturally repelling properties of this inorganic clear treatment prevents graffiti from attaching firmly to the surface, thus, graffiti becomes easier to remove. Aerosol paint, permanent marker, ink, etc; can be removed using commercially available graffiti removers without damaging the clear treatment.

This clear, inorganic, reacted siloxane treatment is non-yellowing, UV and acid rain resistant.

Primary benefits include:

  • Surfaces are protected from graffiti tagging

  • Graffiti mitigation costs are significantly lowered

  • Treatment remains crystal clear; non-yellowing

  • Extends the useful life of many painted surfaces

  • Treatment is non-sacrificial for longer service